People's Climate March Marin

More pictures from the People's Climate March Marin - September 21, 2014

Courtesy of Sierra G Salin - see more on his Facebook page

Marin IJ Letter to the Editor from 350Marin Steering Committee member Jody Timm

Marin residents show they care about climate change

All of us at 350Marin would like to thank the 250-plus Marin community members who came out for the “largest climate march in Marin’s history” on Sunday at Creek Park in San An­selmo.

Our event was held in soli­darity with the People’s Climate March that saw over 400,000 pro­testers in the streets of New York City, along with 2,646 rallies held in 162 countries worldwide.

Newspapers don’t seem too in­terested in covering marches and demonstrations, especially if they are peaceful. At least President Barack Obama noticed: “Our cit­izens keep marching, we cannot pretend we do not hear them, we have to answer the call.”

Though we are a small county, there is a steadily growing move­ment of citizens here among us who can hardly believe our global leaders are doing so little to ad­dress the most pressing “issue” human beings face in the 21st century. We are grateful our local leaders take this impending crisis much more seriously. Many of the posters carried in the march al­lowed space to write in our indi­vidual endings to the statement, “I care about climate change be­cause ...” My favorites? Short and to the point, “because I love life,” and “I love this planet.”

During our hourlong protest on all eight or so corners of the Hub, we were mostly met with hun­dreds of honking horns and obvi­ous gestures of support by those driving by.

We appreciate being able to make our sentiments known in a public way without harassment in this beautiful and vibrant com­munity, nestled in our tolerant and democratic society.

For those people who care about climate change but couldn’t join us, we hope to see you next time, unfortunately, all too soon.

— Jody Timms, Fairfax





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