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solarpanels.pngWith your help, two of most important climate change bills in this country could pass in the California legislature in the next two weeks.  They send a very strong message to the country and the world about California's leadership in setting new targets for reducing emissions and moving to clean energy solutions.

Please call or email Marc Levine, our Assembly Member, to say you want him to vote Yes on SB 32 and SB 350. His Sacramento phone is 916 319-2010. You can email him on his site here.

He has, as of this moment, not committed to voting Yes on them when other Assembly Members in the Bay Area have and are working to get their colleagues to vote Yes. 

The oil and gas industries are pushing hard to weaken or kill these bills, particularly the part in SB 350 about using less petroleum by 2030. They are mostly spending their money in Assembly Members' districts that are out of our area, so we are not seeing all the commercials.

Background information on each of these bills, including SB 185 - the coal divestment bill, another important related bill that our Assembly Member should vote for, can be found here

You can simply write or say what we have below, or add more using some of the information in our Talking Points sheet

Assembly Member Levine -

It is so important that you vote Yes on SB 350 and SB 32. They will be the most significant climate change bills ever passed in this country and the timing just before the Paris COP talks in December is so important.

You could then choose one or two sentences from below:

Having these goals for decreasing emissions and reliance on fossil fuels points us clearly in a direction the world so desperately needs us to be going in.

Please do everything you can to convince other Assembly Members to vote Yes with you.

We need your leadership so much on this issue right now.

Since part of the focus of these bills is to make it easier for those with less resources to participate in the green revolution these bills propose, you can end by saying something like:

I want to thank you now for putting all the effort you can in getting this passed for me, and for all those who are in more difficult economic situations, as I understand this bill helps those in particular.


It is important for Marc Levine to do as much as he can to get these bills passed. Please ask him to work to get other votes in the Assembly or write an editorial or sign on to one from other Assembly Members.

The Governor would like to see these bills passed. He could be more vocal about it and you can sign this petition to get him to here

Thank you for your help in letting your Assembly Member know we want real climate leadership in Sacramento.

August 17, 2015 at 12pm - September 09, 2015
Sacramento - State Assembly
Ken Jones · · 415 935-9030

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