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Time to Lead on Climate Partner Organizations
Visit the Lead on Climate website to view videos of “Election 2016: Tipping Point for Climate” and Jared Huffman’s “Town Hall on Defending Our Environment”

Organizing for Action Marin- Belle Cole
OFA is renewing its national network of over two million volunteers to fight back through grassroots organizing and strategic leadership on climate and other issues. Join OFA Marin’s post-election committee in reaching out to those deeply concerned who want to take action. Let us know what issues matter to you.

Sustainable San Rafael- Bill Carney
Now more than ever, it’s up to cities and states to act to curb climate change and build sustainable communities - with environmental balance, economic vitality and social equity. Your voice at City Hall!

Citizens Climate Lobby- Peter Joseph
CCL is intensifying its work to generate the political will to pass a Carbon Fee and Dividend program. We returned to the Hill soon after the election— November 15 — with 250 stunned volunteers who conducted 350 meetings in the House and Senate. We train and support volunteers to engage the media, the public, and members of Congress.

350Marin- Jody Timms
350Marin is made up of deeply concerned grassroots activists working to avert the intensifying global climate crisis.  As passionate advocates for climate justice, we invite you to join us for our next "Community Conversation" (details at and at our local actions-- we've recently held four in solidarity with Standing Rock. Together we bring the voice of the people forward to influence regional and national policies as part of a global movement

Resilient Neighborhoods- Tamra Peters
Even with the changing climate and new administration in D.C., you can still make a difference. We teach you how to reduce your carbon footprint. Then you do it with others in your community. Marin participants are already reducing enough carbon emissions to prevent almost an acre of Arctic sea ice from melting every year. We all need to act now!  Contact us:

Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association- Dale Miller
GGEVA is a non-profit organization that educates the public about electric vehicles, their value and importance in fighting climate change, and their benefit to the economy. Replacing gas cars with electric cars is the most effective step drivers can take to slow climate change. Join GGEVA at to help us promote electric vehicles.

Shore Up Marin- Douglas Mundo
Shore Up Marin works with Marin County's diverse shoreline communities to respond to sea level rise, flooding and climate change.

Sustainable Marin- Greg Brockbank, Kiki La Porta
Sustainable Marin advocates sustainable policies and action: clean energy, resource protection, adaptation to sea level rise, green commerce, and fair social policies including affordable housing.

Environmental Forum of Marin- David Kunhardt
Our classes and lectures present the facts of climate change and other important environmental issues.
EFM starts with science, and ends with inspiring advocacy, on the cutting edge for 44 years.

Marin Conservation League- Doug Wilson, Pamela Reaves
The Marin Conservation League focuses on countywide environmental policy, including climate change. It studies and analyzes issues; proposes policies; educates and mobilizes citizens; and monitors outcomes.

Marin School of Environmental Leadership- Randy Baker
MarinSEL engages students and creates future community leaders through a multi-disciplinary, project-based high school education with a focus on environmental issues.

Cool the Earth- Carleen Cullen
Cool the Earth’s grassroots, school-to- home program engages parents to run its free climate program at their kid’s school, an action that inspires hundreds of families to take thousands of carbon-saving actions.

Sierra Club Marin Group- Max Perrey
The Marin Group includes over 4,700 Sierra Club members who live here, is one of the oldest environmental organizations in Marin, and continues to be a strong advocate, locally and beyond. Since the election, the Group participated in the protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the San Rafael Citi Bank, dedicated its Holiday Party to the activists at Standing Rock and featured a speaker who recently returned from Standing Rock.


Congressman Jared Huffman, 2 nd District of California
Representative Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) is a member of the Committee on Natural Resources and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Bruce Riordan, Climate Readiness Institute
CRI develops 21 st Century climate adaptation solutions to build the Bay Area’s capacity for action, and creates knowledge to inform and inspire cities worldwide.

Michael Wall, Natural Resources Defense Council
NRDC combines the power of more than two million members and online activists with the expertise of some 500 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates.

Drew Caputo, Earthjustice
Driven by a passion for justice and a commitment to excellence, Earthjustice fights for the right of all to a healthy environment.
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