Fossil Fuel Resistance

This 350 Marin Committee is part of the 350 Bay Area Fossil Fuel Resistance Campaign. 

 We stand for reducing fossil fuel extraction, its transportation through local communities (crude and coal-by-rail), the greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants that come from refining it and transporting it, and exporting those fuels out of the Bay Area. 

2016 will be a crucial year for stopping tar sands crude from coming to and through the Bay Area. Chevron is already refining it in Richmond and there are two pending proposals to bring more.  Phillips 66 is proposing to bring crude-by-rail through the East and South Bay to their refinery in San Luis Obispo.  Valero would like to do the same in Benicia by building a rail spur and pipelines to supply other East Bay refineries with tar sands crude.  Both these proposals pose a grave threat to the health and safety of their destination communities and the cities through which rail lines travel from derailments, explosions and fire.

 Capping East Bay Refinery Emissions

At the end 2015 the Bay Area Air Quality Management District finally agreed to consider the question of capping refinery emissions.  District staff continues to insist that refineries have a right to pollute “up to their potential to emit.”  This means that if refineries are able to increase the amount of crude they throughput, then the emissions from refining will also increase.  We and our allies are insisting that the Air District impose a verifiable numeric cap on any further increases in refinery emissions.

In April and May we will once more be back at the Air District to insist on a permanent cap on East Bay refinery emissions to protect our air and make it more difficult for refineries to increase crude-by-rail shipments. In the next twelve months will also be helping the Air District create a Clean Air Plan and Climate Protection Strategy which will call for reducing greenhouse gases.  We will be attending hearings and monitoring the progress.

 Each hearing is an opportunity to speak to the Board, generally for two minutes, on why they must take action now.  If you share these concerns and are interested in attending and testifying , or if you would like to be involved in 350 Marin Fossil Fuel Resistance, we would welcome your help and support.   For more information:

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