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Renewable Energy, Clean Energy350Marin is proud to be a part of the Clean Energy movement happening around the country and in all local groups of 350 Bay Area. Our Governor says he likes and supports a clean, renewable, sustainable energy future. Then we need to make it happen with bold plans in the legislature, starting now.  We also want to protect the community choice energy efforts in the state that began with our own Marin Clean Energy (MCE) and help maintain the health of our own and those now in existence from inevitable attacks by the utilities.

We had some success in 2015 with the passage of the landmark bill, SB 350, which has as its goal getting to 50% renewable energy and doubling energy efficiency by 2030. And then again last year with the passage of SB 32 that set a goal of getting greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. But this only means there is so much to do to get to these goals.  We are fighting Big Oil and the big Investor Owned Utilities and need help.

Call to Action: Protect Rooftop Solar in California

   UPDATE AS of 6/06/16 (Appeal in Feb. by PG&E failed though and we just learned this):  We won for now!  Here is one link to read about it. And in the SF Chronicle here 

350Marin members gave public comment throughout the process. 350 Bay Area (thus 350Marin) was a "party" to this relatively contentious policy battle and filed detailed written comments with the CPUC. 

Big utilities want to block rooftop solar by making it more expensive and taking the benefits of solar away from most Californians. We need all the clean energy we can get to stop climate change, clean the air and strengthen our local economy. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finally did the right thing by continuing the net-metering policy for two more years so expect, on this issue, to be ready to fight again in late 2017.  350Marin, through 350 Bay Area, joined with Environment California, Vote Solar, the Sierra Club and others in the Coalition for Solar Rights to ask the CPUC to make the right decision for California and expand, not limit access to rooftop solar. This battle will likely continue in the state legislature as will much more related to the pace of renewable energy development and community choice energy programs, which are happening everywhere in CA now.  We will be following this closely and be in Sacramento fighting as we will be here locally.  Please join us in these efforts.


Our campaign is dedicated to energizing ourselves and our state about possibilities expressed in this video

It was created by a group that includes Mark Jacobson (more below), Mark Ruffalo (actor), and Josh Fox, (Gasland director).  We consult with them at times and The California Plan (part of their 50 state plan) is something we are actively involved in promoting.

We are mobilizing the energy of labor, youth, faith groups, environment and conservation interests, and clean energy businesses to advance groundbreaking state legislation to generate clean, local, renewable energy, while protecting our health and the air we breathe.  The answers to those who say we need fossil fuels are there.

United with all our 350 Bay Area local groups' Clean Energy campaigns, we will galvanize support for the following policies:

  • Strengthen our state's commitment to clean, renewable energy by pushing the state to increase its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 80% by 2030. We are encouraged by the passage of SB 350 and the Governor Brown signing it into law and particularly the way it incorporated some of the goals of SB 32, but all the goals fall short of what is needed and what we are fighting for.
  • Monitor CPUC for policy changes and fight against any that do not support a strong move towards local, community-based renewable energy.
  • Promote legislation (see our current position on bills in Legislature in this google doc) based on Mark Jacobson's California Plan. (See below.)
  • Make it easier to generate local power by cutting the red tape.

We will also work with our other campaigns to coordinate and come up with more innovative ideas.

While our focus is primarily on statewide policy, we also advocate for clean energy projects locally.

We were inspired by Stanford University Professor Jacobson's keynote address (watch video) at our 350 Bay Area Climate Conference in May. (While long, it's very worthwhile.)

The panel discussion, moderated by Climate One's Greg Dalton, that same night was also quite good (watch video) and you can read The California Plan written by Mark Jacobson and others.

 Professor Jacobson's ideas are also incorporated in the new films by Green World Rising, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

For more information or to join us, email Ken

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