Urgent Action Needed on Bills in Legislature

UPDATED as of 8/25: BIG WINS!!  We (you) did it!   You might want to call and say thank you to Assemblymember Marc Levine's (916 319-2010) and  Senator Mike McGuire (916 651-4002) as their votes/work helped.

AB 1110 - Greenhouse gases emissions intensity reporting: retail electricity providers - this bill resurfaced suspiciously a couple of weeks ago, at the last minute, after it was stopped last year in the Senate.  Bad amendments from utilities have been added to make it worse. The biggest problems were taken out this last weekend, particularly those related to rooftop solar, but it still allows PG&E to hide the true huge costs to the climate of natural gas under the guise that they can't report those costs because it would get in the way of their trade secrets. It passed on pretty much a party line vote with Democrats voting for it, but strong statements were made on the floor by Sen Mark Leno and others about the importance of including the full-life-cycle emissions of natural gas in legislation going forward.

In summary, it AB 1110 still protects and promotes natural gas by not allowing the costs in GHG emissions to be considered (think Aliso Canyon and methane leaks from fracking) that occur in getting it to where it is used as energy. There needs to be a standard way to measure the GHG emissions or credits that are associated with renewable energy and natural gas but this way of measuring is too specifically set up in favor of the investor-owned utilities. Our wins in this come from getting the worst part of the bill changed and the awareness of the problems with natural gas reporting.

 SB 32 - California Global Warming Solutions Act - this is an extension of AB 32 passed in 2006 which set emissions limits for 2020.  This bill sets new emissions limits at 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.  It has passed the Senate and is now on the floor of the Assembly.  Assemblymember Marc Levine, while not a leader on this bill, did vote in support as expected and the vote on the the bill that had to pass with it for SB 32 to go forward for the Governor's signature, AB 197, also passed.  SO, CA once again leads on climate policy in the country!.

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SB 1383 - Short-Lived Climate Pollutants - Has passed the Senate already on a party-line vote.  Needs all the votes possible on the Assembly side now. Still needs you to call as of 8/28.  It might be better to have called these climate pollutants "Super-pollutants" rather "short-lived" as they do more damage to the climate in the short-term than C02 and a big change in how we stop them can have a huge impact on climate.  Please call Assemblymember Marc Levine (916 319-2010) and urge a Yes vote.  Short bill can be read HERE

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