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If you couldn't make it to our "Inspiration from Standing Rock: Getting Active" event on Jan. 27th with Barbara Clifton Zarate, you can see her inspiring talk that night now by clicking HERE.

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PLUS...350Marin's youth chapter, part of 350 Bay Area's BAYCA, facebook page, is a completely youth-led group, with the goal of taking action on climate change. Please contact Rose Strauss at rosey.strauss@gmail.com to join/get info or sign-up on the 350 Bay Area website HERE.

AND...Did you miss Bill McKibben and Bay Area Millenials speaking at our packed Oct. 21st event? You can watch it HERE. Also, see what Bill had to say about the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at 23:45 into the video.

Check out the new list of Marin Resources for Taking Action on Climate HERE!

Upcoming Actions You Can Do:

Apr. 3 - May 15th: Tell your city and the County of Marin to use 100% Clean Energy! MORE >>

Ongoing: Make it Costly for Banks that Invest in Fossil Fuel Pipelines!! MORE >>

The SEC Investigates Exxon Climate Accounting

In news that could provide major support for the global climate-change and fossil-fuel divestment movements, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has opened a federal investigation of charges that Exxon has materially misrepresented the value of its fossil fuel assets, in part, by knowingly misrepresenting the likely major impact of climate change on their future use.    exxonsec-news1.jpg

Journalists and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman claim to have found evidence in internal Exxon memos that the company has known since the 1970's that their products were generating climate change, while publicly denying it was real.  As one aspect of the SEC investigation, this claim is now being formally investigated as a potential fraud perpetrated by the company upon the public and its shareholders. Bloomberg covered the SEC investigation and behind-the-scenes battle in detail HERE.

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Benicia Unanimously Rejects Valero Oil Train Plan

350Marin joined 350 Bay Area members and other allies under expert leadership from Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community to help make this victory possible.  Valero's plan was also opposed for safety reasons by officials in Sacramento, since the trains would run through sections of downtown Sacramento and northern California.  Following Oakland's recent rejection of use of the Port of Oakland as a coal export facility, thisbenecia-oiltrain.jpg represents another precedent-setting example of Bay Area cities refusing to tolerate the expansion of dirty and dangerous fossil-fuel operations at a time when the world needs to focus its energy on developing renewable sources of clean energy. These local decisions may have national reverberations, as noted in the SF Gate HERE...

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Oakland Votes to Ban Coal Shipments from Port

Officials in Oakland, California, effectively ended proposals to open a new coal export terminal by voting to ban the transport and storage of the fossil fuel within city limits.  Health and pollution concerns for neighborhoods and workers, particularly in West Oakland, were a main reason for the ban, in addition to advocacy of the ban by 350 Bay Area and others to help stop climate change.  


 The hard-fought stand by Oakland is being celebrated by environmental and social justice groups across the country.

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Judge Rules for Youths in Landmark Climate Lawsuit

On April 8, Judge Thomas Coffin of the Federal District Court in Eugene, Oregon, decided in favor of 21 young plaintiffs in their landmark constitutional climate case against the federal government. The ruling denied a motion to dismiss brought by the fossil fuel industry and the Federal government.  That will send the lawsuit forward to trial on the youths' claim that the government is infringing on their life and liberty by failing to take action to curtail fossil fuel emissions. 


Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and others have called this "the most important lawsuit on the planet right now."

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Paris Climate Deal: Follow the Money

Mark Hertsgaard says "Climate change has always been about money, but the Paris agreement has a chance to change where money will flow, how quickly, and in what quantities."

If civil society and political leadership can make large enough sums shift away from fossil fuels and toward climate-friendly alternatives quickly enough, Paris could be remembered with immense gratitude by any future descendants we may have. If not…  

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